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octobre 30, 2020

Quels sont les avantages que nous procure l’utilisation du verre intelligent interchangeable à Vancouver?

Smart Film and smart glass go from clear to opaque with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on demand. Switchable PDLC film is applied to existing glass whereas switchable glass is installed […]
juin 29, 2020

Quelle est la meilleure option de verre intelligent interchangeable pour les bureaux, les maisons et les condos commerciaux?

Description:- Smart glass Ontario Offers amazing range of smart glass products. Our smart glass built with latest PDLC switchable smart technology that brings instant privacy to […]
mars 6, 2020

Pourquoi choisir le film intelligent de SMARTGLASSCAN ?

Splendid Optronics’ smart film is built by setting a fluid precious stone particle film between two PET movies. By controlling the voltage applied to the film […]
mars 6, 2020

Pourquoi devrions-nous choisir le verre électrochromique pour les fenêtres?

There have three fundamental sorts Smart glass in showcase: electrochromic glass, thermochromic keen glass and photochromic shrewd glass. Among them, electrochromic brilliant glass is partitioned into […]
février 10, 2020

Smarter Glass, Smarter Workspaces

Smart Glass Ontario offers an easy way to more versatile, user-friendly and energy-efficient offices The modern, open-concept office is a showcase of trans-parency. While the sleek […]
février 10, 2020

Designlines Your Guide to Design in Toronto

It’s a Superkul World A look at the raw and refined interiors of our Designer of the year
Décembre 30, 2019

Pourquoi devrions-nous choisir le smartglass parfait pour votre maison?

Are you looking for perfect Smartglass for your home. Smart Glass Ontario is a one-stop shop for all of your perfect glass needs. We have the […]
Décembre 11, 2019


THE SMART PROJECT: SWITCH TO SWITCHABLE GLASS: Have you ever imagined the same piece of glass could change from clear to opaque and vice-versa? Now, this […]