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In this day and age why do we need curtains, or blinds on our partitions, windows or doors? Curtains are a thing of the past that collects dust and germs resulting in allergies. Now Smartglass from Inc) can be installed, instead of regular glass and avoid drapes and curtains.

Smartfilm is also a perfect solution for conference rooms or partition walls that can offer you privacy at touch of a button. In most cases where glass is already installed, you have the option of installing Smartfilm on the existing glass that can be turned on and off simply be a remote control or a wall switch or a dimmer or even with an app on your phone. Smartglasscan Inc fabricate the Smartfilm in Bradford, Ontario, and also offer to install it for your convenience.

More and more people are choosing Smartglass over germs and dust collecting, allergies storehouse and space guzzling curtains/drapes.

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