Smart Film

Our every switchable Smarfilm, which is prepared with utmost precision made in Canada, and we apply innovative solutions to execute each project. The transformer that we use for the purpose is also made in Canada. We offer the highest quality products and the transparency of 89% that anyone can offer.

Switchable Smartfilm is applied on existing glass, which means it is retrofit application. Our tenured technicians will precisely measure your glass panels, then the measurements are sent to the production where the order is custom made, here in Ontario, Canada. Once ready, the technicians will install the Smartfilm with utmost precision and accuracy. Every project is different, our team is trained well to examine the site and find ways to conceal the wires.

Smart glass

Our switchable Smarglass is now made in Canada. You can order the desired sizes of Smartglass where the Smartfilm is laminated between 2 glass panels.

In Switchable Smartglass the film is laminated between 2 glass panels, this way the Smartfilm is protected between the panels. We always recommend our architects to use Smartglass in case of new construction.

smart windows


Photochromic or Solar Control glass offers energy saving performance, can be used in building facades. It offers appropriate visible light transmitance blocking the outdoor line of sight. The glass turns darker during the day and clear in the night, perfect for office complexes, where you get your privacy, shade and protection from the sun. No electrical connections required, simply install the glass as any other glass and get all the benefits.

smart windows

Photovoltaic Coming Soon